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Join the Innovators

Join Ireland's most dynamic and forward-thinking enterprises and organisations by becoming a Corporate or vendor member of itSMF Ireland.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is designed for organisations that typically operate an internal IT function providing service to that organisation alone.

To cater for organisations of all sizes, we offer multiple levels of Corporate Membership. See the accompanying table.

A Corporate account may include up to 200 contacts, but will always have only one primary contact. The primary contact is responsible for managing your account including, adding and removing contacts and changing address details.

TypeAnnual Fee
Corporate - 5 €300
Corporate - 10 €500
Corporate - 25 €750
Corporate - 50 €900
Corporate - Unlimited €1,750

Vendor Membership

Vendor Membership is a prerequisite for any vendor wishing to utilise the Chapter to promote their services to our members. Vendors receive the same benefits as a Corporate Membership.

Vendors who subscribe to the Silver Membership category are also entitled to the following benefits:

  • Use of itSMF Logo
  • Vendor listing on site
  • Directory of services
  • Branded White Papers
  • Provide Seminar/Conference Speakers

The annual costs of Silver Membership are shown in the accommpanying table.

Vendors may choose to upgrade their subscription to Gold Membership which entitles them to the same benefits as silver membership plus:

  • 1 Free client invitation to Events
  • The option to sponsor a Seminar or an Event
  • Entries in Press Release Section on the web site
  • Option to conduct user polls on the web site

Gold members pay a fee of €500 per annum in addition to the relevant membership fee.

If a vendor chooses Platinum Membership they would be entitled to the following additional benefits:

  • 3 Free client invitations to Events
  • Priority option to provide sponsorship for an annual conference
  • Priority option to purchase a stand at an annual conference

Platinum members make a commitment to the Chapter indicating how they will provide member benefits through sponsorship and non sponsorship opportunities to include working with the Chapter to help grow the services or information available to members.

Platinum members pay a fee of Euro750 per annum in addition to the relevant silver membership fee.

Number of Named IndividualsAnnual Fee
1 €175
5 €500
10 €750
25 €1,000
50 €1,150