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AI Increasingly Used in Irish Businesses Despite Concerns about Infrastructure Readiness

A new survey has highlighted that 54% of Irish IT leaders don’t think their IT infrastructure is fully ready for AI. The Equinix 2023 Global Tech Trends Survey of over 100 IT leaders in Ireland looked at their attitudes and actions regarding AI in their organisations. Despite concerns about their readiness for AI, 85% of IT leaders reported that AI was already used in their organisations. More ...

   Friday, June 30th

AI Regulations Developing Around the World

Artificial Intelligence is in the sights of regulators around the world, with major and diverse new legislation on AI rules being brought forward in the EU, USA, and China, amongst others. Individual countries have also brought in regulation of specific AI tools in response to the recent rapid development of Large Language Models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s LAMDBA.At the ...

   Tuesday, May 2nd

Consultation on Researchers’ Access to Data from ‘Very Large Online Platforms’

The European Commission has launched a consultation on new rules for researchers to access data from large online platforms. The call for feedback on a ‘delegated regulation on data access provided for in the Digital Services Act’ comes as the Commission designated a number of companies and organisations as ‘Very Large Online Platforms’ and ‘Very Large Search Engines’, meaning they will be subject to ...

   Tuesday, May 2nd

Tech Excellence Awards 2023 Nominees Announced

Nominees for the 2023 edition of the Tech Excellence Awards have been announced. The awards, which will be hosted by Shay Byrne of RTE, will take place on 25 May in Dun Laoghaire. Nominees for 19 categories have been announced and three additional awards will be announced on the night.Among the nominees for the awards, recognising excellence across the Irish tech sector, are ICS corporate members, ...

   Tuesday, May 2nd

Web Accessibility Series 2022 Update

The Irish Computer Society (ICS) in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design at the National Disability Authority (NDA) recently finished a successful four-part series on Web Accessibility. The series aimed to help public bodies and other organisations understand how small decisions have an impact on disabled peoples’ access to websites and mobile apps. Over four events, we explored accessibility choices, universal ...

  Thursday, June 9th

ICS Web Accessibility Series 2022

Why is accessibility important? What can I do about it? The ICS in partnership with the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design at the National Disability Authority is offering a series of information and training webinars, to help public bodies and other organisations understand how small decisions have an impact on disabled peoples’ access to websites and mobile apps. Everyone has a part to ...

  Thursday, April 14th

Web Accessibility Directive Series Update

The Irish Computer Society (ICS) in partnership with the National Disability Authority (NDA) have been holding a series of information seminars and training webinars on the new EU Web Accessibility Directive, which was signed into Irish law on 23 September 2020. The directive requires that public bodies ensure their websites and mobile apps comply with internationally recognised accessibility standards. Over 270 people joined the first information seminar ...

   Friday, October 22nd

Web Accessibility Directive Training Series

The EU Web Accessibility Directive was signed into Irish law on 23 September 2020 and requires that public bodies ensure their websites and mobile apps comply with internationally recognised accessibility standards.The Irish Computer Society (ICS), in partnership with the National Disability Authority (NDA), is holding a series of 3 information seminars and 3 follow up training webinars on the Directive. The series is relevant to all public ...

   Monday, September 20th

TU Dublin Students Create Innovative Tech-Based Solutions to Tackle Healthcare Issues

Students studying a range of Computing, Digital and Data courses at TU Dublin have spent two days brainstorming technological solutions affecting patient well-being during the third annual health hackathon in association with Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) and supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Taking place on the University’s Tallaght Campus, the students were split into teams and asked to develop a tech-based solution ...

   Friday, September 29th

National Engagement on Digital Health and Social Care

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is carrying out a National Engagement on Digital Health and Social Care, in partnership with the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive (HSE). The engagement is being conducted in the context of EU targets where the public will have electronic access to their medical records by 2030. In addition, under Sláintecare, the Government has goals ...

   Friday, September 29th

Every click you make; they’ll be watching you!

By Paula Carney-Hoffler If you are anything like me, you may find yourself receiving a lot of newsletter subscriptions or marketing communications, whether you signed up to them or not. There is nothing quite like keeping up to date with the happenings in the world, but are your behaviours being monitored without your knowledge or permission? A while back, I received an email from ...

   Friday, September 29th

Meet the ADPO Executive Committee

The ADPO Executive Committee have been elected to represent all ADPO members. We aim to do this by focusing on the following areas: Provide accredited training for you to up-skill Yearly conference and regular events and webinars to learn, share and broaden your network Lobbying for positive integration of data protection both in Ireland and across Europe. This month we would like to introduce ...

   Friday, September 29th

TikTok Supports Fund for Irish Digital Skills Non-Profits

TikTok, the popular video-based social media network, is donating €1 million to a new ‘TikTok Digital Future Fund’, to be administered by Rethink Ireland. The fund is intended to help non-profits in Ireland that work to help young people develop their digital skills. Of the total €1 million in support, €750,000 will be in the form of a donation, while the remainder will come as advertising support. ...

   Thursday, August 31st

Get the Latest Information on National Skills Initiatives and Funding

The EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform launched a new content series of digital skills overviews by country as part of a recent update. The new series includes both an overview of the strategies in place in each country, as well as funding opportunities. The Digital Skills and Jobs platform is designed as a central hub for digital skills information and is connected ...

   Thursday, August 31st

The Roller Coaster Ride of Digital Transformation and Harnessing the Power of Data

Written by Aislinn Gannon, General Manager, Digital Health Team, HSE Sligo & HISI Executive Committee Member In the rapidly evolving landscape of today, the concept of digital health has transcended mere buzzword status; it stands as a transformative influence that is on the brink of reshaping the entire delivery, experience, and perception of healthcare. Nonetheless, the process of implementing digital health solutions defies a straightforward ...

   Wednesday, August 30th

Recent Developments in the Area of Data Protection Claims in Ireland

Written By Deirdre Miller B.L. On 11 July 2023 at the Dublin Circuit Court, the plaintiff in Kaminski v Ballymaguire Foods Limited [2023] IECC 5 was awarded €2,000 compensation for non-material damage arising from the further processing of his personal data collected via CCTV contrary to the GDPR, which was held to be a breach of his data protection rights. The plaintiff brought the claim against his employer, ...

   Wednesday, August 30th